Middle School is an amazing time where students take the skills from Elementary and grow in independence and ownership in a safe school environment that prepares them for High School. Students begin the day by choosing their own place to socialize with their friends in the morning on campus and begin solidifying their friend groups while interacting with other middle schoolers throughout the day.

Students now ready themselves to learn independently by walking themselves to their locker, getting thier items, heading to class, and switching from class to class.

Students now have more than just one teacher to guide them and support them while they are school. With a variety of courses, they begin to interact with a variety of adults and build relationships and learn the different expectations from different adults and academic courses.

Students begin to navigate from different learning environments with different students that influence the learning. 

Students go from leading a few Assemblies in Elementary to leading and organizing all the assemblies. There is also a Student Council they can participate in that is specifically for the Middle School needs. Along with growing responsibility in academics, there is growing trust as the students are able to participate in different trips and awards throughout the year.

Here at AAG, there are slight differences at the beginning of Middle School, from managing their time more efficiently during the school day, which can include being on time to PE, while taking into account the time it takes to change into PE clothes, to recording efficiently work that needs to be done for homework when there is no longer an end of day review, that they would get in Elementary.  By the end of Middle School, students have learned to better manage their time, they are keeping track of their work, they are leading assemblies, they are taking ownership by having an active voice in the school community, and they are more independent which leads to success in High School.

This ownership in their learning and this independence, responsibility, and respect are all highly valued characteristics of AAG. 

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