At American Academy For Girls (AAG) is a co-educational school for Pre-KG to KG 2 and an all-girls school from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

The Early Childhood Program

Our Early Childhood Program reflects an understanding of the learning needs of young children. We emphasize socialization skills, developmental play, and inquiry throughout the curriculum. As part of this unique program, our students benefit from a diverse academic experience that includes art, music, swimming, and Information Communication Technology (ICT). Students’ inclination for discovery and exploration dictates a balance between teacher-directed and student-initiated activities. Learning expectations are taught through a theme-based approach, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding through engaging and creative activities.

The Early Childhood program sets the foundation for strong academic skills and positive attitudes toward learning.

Kindergarden Classroom at AAG

Pre-KG and KG 1

Students in KG 1 explore their environment through play and interaction. They learn key social skills that enable them to work cooperatively within a group setting. They begin to practice independence through a variety of tasks. Students learn how language works and develop an awareness of letters, sounds, shapes, colors and number recognition.

KG 2

Students continue to explore language and literacy through a variety of rich, cross-curricular experiences. Basic numeracy skills are consolidated and children learn to represent their thinking concretely. Greater independence is achieved and students become active and confident learners within the classroom community.

Early Learning Standards | PDF 4.3MB

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