Our Pre-K and KG students begin their day as they head to their classrooms and place their bags in their cubbies and begin to play with their friends out on our interactive playground. The playground has a massive sand area, building area, bikes, swings, play structures, even a traditional UAE fort for pretend play. 

Teachers come out and greet their students and take them in for the academic day that includes reading, writing, math, science, and interactive play with our physical indoor play area. Students have breaks in their learning to eat and play and build on those friendships. During the week students also enjoy Arabic and Islamic studies, PE, Music, and Art.

Students interact with each other and with the teacher's assistants. The time is very important as students socialize with other students and build their friendship and with teaching assistants as they build trust. 

Pre-K and KG students also have the opportunity to take part in many activities out of school such as amazing trips to places like the Dubai Aquarium and Turtle Rehabilitation Center where they experience and learn more about animals. They have fun at the Discovery Center in Sharjah and Indoor Golf playing and interacting with each other outside of school. Students have had the chance to show their creativity by visiting Pizza Express and making their own pizza and going to Cafe Ceramique. 

Not only do the students get to experience many things, parents become part of their experiences through the use of Seesaw, which is an online portfolio where parents can view their students' progress in all areas of their learning when it comes to reading, to writing, to math, to Arabic, etc. 

Parents also can partake in the family activities of Muffins with Moms, Donuts with Dads, and the Family Picnics.

All are great ways to for a student to enjoy their beginning years of school, build friendships, and prepare them academically by teaching responsibility by teaching them to get ready to learn and respect for teachers and other students for Elementary School

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