High School is a time of opportunity at American Academy For Girls. Students begin their day with the opportunity to talk with friends, say hello to each other in the hallways, share some laughs around their locker as they head to class and get ready to learn.

Teachers provide the students the opportunity to learn the required information to enter University as well as opportunities to extend their knowledge in each course. As students' progress through their High School years, they can build on their responsibility by selecting courses and topics they are interested in learning.

By having the opportunity of choice, the student's eagerness and attentiveness in the course is proven beneficial for their wellbeing and success within the school.

Not only does AAG provide academic opportunities but there are opportunities for students to further their skills and education in other extra-curricular activities that occur during the day or after the school day. These opportunities include various levels of leadership when it comes to coming up with the ideas, to organizing the events, to actively participating in the event by interacting with venders.

The main AAG groups that lead these are Student Council, Senior Committee, and Yearbook which impact the entire school such as: 

  • International Day 
  • Carnival 
  • National Day 
Other extra High School opportunities include:
MUNParticipating & Leading Assemblies
Quran competitionsAAG Singers
Community BenchballSports Day
TEDX TalksUniversity Fairs
Senior Lounge

AAG is eager to provide a range of opportunities to meet students' needs and we are open to new opportunities. Just this Spring (2020) we have a new AAG Volunteers group who researches and finds ways to volunteer in the community with goal of the AAG community going out into the community.

Through all of this AAG is not just a place for academic opportunity but a place where students are encouraged to take part in different opportunities and explore new opportunities. 

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