Arabic & Islamic Studies

Ms Samira Sarafandi
Ms. Samira serves as an Arabic/Islamic teacher for AAM and hails from Jordan. She holds a BA in Arabic and English Language from the University of Jordan and a diploma in teaching techniques from the UNRWA Institute of Education in Jordan. Ms. Samira has served as an Arabic and Islamic Studies teacher at schools in Jordan and Dubai.


Ms Naja
Ms Naja is a teacher of Arabic and Islamic studies in American Academy in Al-Mizhar. Holder of a bachelor degree in the Arabic literature from Beriut Arabic University and High Education Diploma from Gaza University. Ms Naja has 17 years experience in teaching Arabic and Islamic studies in UAE, 9 years in The Ministry of Education Schools in both The Intermediate and secondary grades. Ms Najah has a special interest in Arabic Poetry and Calligraphy. She is a member of the teachers' Association of Sharjah and the Association of Protecting the Arabic Language.


Ms Illham.Stali
Ms Illham is an AFL and Islamic Studies teacher . She has a Bachelor's in Nuclear Physics from the University of Tunis in Tunisia. Ms. Ilham got a certificate in "Comprehensive teacher training course" from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and got a certificate in "Conversation in classical Arabic" from Dr. Abdullah Mustafa Addannan.


Ms Najma Mohamed
Ms. Mohamed serves as one of AAM's Arabic and Islamic Studies teachers and hails from the UAE. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Literature from the Dubai Islamic and Arabic Studies College. She previously taught at the Dubai First School.


Ms Maha Lulu 
Ms. Maha is an Arabic Social Studies and Islamic teacher for both Elementary and Secondary school. She was born in Ghaza, Palestine and has a Bachelor of Arts and Post Graduate Degree in Social Studies from Ghaza University. She has previously taught at schools in Sharjah and Dubai.


Ms. Najah Samour
Ms. Najah is an Arabic and Islamic teacher in Elementary school. She has a Bachelors in Arts in Arabic Language and a Diploma in Education. She has 15 years of experience as an Arabic and Islamic Education teacher. She has taught in UAE Govermental schools for 9 years as a secondary Arabic teacher, as well as in Private schools across Sharjah and Dubai. She is interested in Arabic calligraphy and poetry, and enjoys developing her teaching skills by attending various training workshops. She is also a current member of the Association of Teachers in Sharjah.


Ms. Amal Sunjuq
Ms. Amal is an Arabic and Islamic teacher for Elementary school. She is originally from Palestine. Ms Amal graduated from Jordan University with a Bachelors in Islamic Studies and has been teaching in the UAE for more than 13 years. She has previously taught Arabic and Islamic in Sharjah American International school.


Ms. Wissam AlOmar